We have recently taken delivery of the new Warhammer 40K Build + Paint range. For new players they are an ideal way to get into the game, for experienced players they are a re-issue of classic figures. Each box comes with glue, a brush and some starter paints .  There are currently 6 sets in the range ( 3 Space Marine and 3 Ork ) with further releases expected  
With our attempts to get a "bricks and mortar" shop coming to nothing so far , we have decided to limit the ranges we sell online. 
These changes will be reflected in the website, so please be patient while we add new categories and amend others. 
5.5mm scale railways
The 28mm figures and buildings are 1:56 , which is close enough to 5.5mm scale, which is 1:55. Many of our wargaming figures, and buildings, can be used in the modelling of 5.5mm model railways.
Paint Conversion Chart
I'm often asked about which colours are equivalent to which. On dakkadakka.com there is a chart that may help you. Follow this link.
We are soon to close our Twitter account, so follow us on our Facebook page,  our name is BlythModels   ( no space !) 
We sell 28mm and 15mm scale figures from Battlefront , Zvezda , Warlord and the Plastic Soldier Company, and have stocks of 28mm and 15mm scale buildings and other scenery items. 
Our 28mm scale figures include Bolt Action WW2 figures, Mantic fantasy and SciFi ... check the ForgeFather figures ... very reminiscent of stunties from the early days of Warhammer 40K 
We have expanded our paint and modelling materials range, to include paints from "The Army Painter" and Vallejo..
We stock a selection of Army Painter and Vallejo paints, these are fully compatible with many of the GW paints ... why not be adventurous and try something new. We also have spray paints from a range of suppliers, and in a wider range of colours. 
Due to Royal Mail regulations, we are unable to post spray paints, but they can be delivered in the SE Northumberland area, or you can collect. We will obtain quotes for courier delivery if you wish to buy four or more cans..
We also stock a range of varnishes to finish off your models

With the almost regular Royal Mail price increases, we have had to start charging a flat rate of postage of up to 2 per parcel, (UK) , this applying to all except those in the Collection only section . We will be adjusting the prices of items to take this into account, some items will actually see a reduction.
Please contact us if you are outside the UK and wish to purchase something from us. 
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